Feature Tour    Work Orders

Keep tabs on repairs, renovations, or general maintenance - link vendors and track due dates, invoice & PO numbers, cost estimates, and due dates.

Simplified work order management

Keep track of work items and tasks related to repair, maintenance and general upkeep of your properties, as well as the invoice numbers, PO numbers, important dates, and costs related to those activities.

Track work order status

Prioritize work orders by completion status - to do, in progress, completed, pending, etc.

Upload files & photos, add notes & comments

Attach photos of damage, work in progress, vendor invoices, receipts, and more.

Add individual work items to track estimates and costs

Assign individual work items to specific vendors and contractors to perform the work, estimate costs, update actuals, and track invoice numbers.

Print work order lists and work order details reports.

Generate work order sheets for contractors - just print or email to vendors right from RentalVault.

Link expenses to work orders

Track expenses at the work order level for greater insight into which properties are the most costly.

Send work orders to vendors

Send work order detail reports to any vendor with an email address, with just one click.