Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about RentalVault and what to expect. These are the types of things people want to know before signing up; if we've missing something please contact us and we'll get you answers.

Note: current users can find everything they need in the RentalVault documentation (inside the software itself!) or within the User Manual.


Billing & Support

We bill all paid plans on a monthly basis and your credit card will be billed monthly on the day you sign up. We accept all major credit cards for paid plans.
We can assist in basic data loading of tenants, leases, and units in most cases, usually at no charge - if you have this data in a reasonably readable and logical format - for example, in a spreadsheet or some other common data format. This includes data in other software or systems. Note that RentalVault will already allow you to import tenants and units/properties in automatically in a basic form. For more advanced or complex data loads, high volume scenarios, or lots of back-dated payment histories, please inquire about our data load services, which is a paid package where we can dedicate resources to loading all your data for you.
Yes, of course. Before you do, please give us a chance to do right by you and make you happy - but if it just won't work, you can cancel anytime with no notice, and there is no cancellation fee.
Yes, 100%. You own your data and we'll prepare an archive of it on request, no questions asked.
Certainly - each paid plan has a Yearly Prepaid option - pay for a full year and receive a 15% discount off the monthly rates.
Depending on the plan you choose, your options include email & chat based support, phone support, and premium priority support. We answer all email within one hour or less, and we're just a phone call away if you're really stuck. We have a User Manual, and support help documentation is embedded right in the software on every screen or page.


Yes - RentalVault uses SSL (secure socket layer) over HTTPS and comes with 256-bit encryption. All credit card data at the time of purchase is transmitted on-time to our billing partner (Stripe) securely, using the same security as banking software. Your passwords are also encrypted - even our support staff cannot view them, or retrieve them.
RentalVault data is housed on servers located in a secure data center 100% on US soil. Data is fully redundant and we utilize industry best practices for backups & security.


Yes - we welcome all rental associations, real estate investments clubs, and groups with large memberships. We can offer white-labeled versions, customized plan options, discounted pricing, and more. Just ask!
Absolutely. Just drop us a line to discuss your specific situation and needs.


Yes, RentalVault will allow you to add any number of owners, which are a top-level data group in the software. You can link properties to specific owners, and everything on the dashboards and reports will roll up or group by owner if you choose. If you manage a portfolio of properties for multiple owners, this option is for you.
Yes, you can have any number of active leases on a unit at a given time, or (a more likely scenario) an active lease with any number of former/inactive leases on it that have expired or closed.
We support single or multiple tenants per lease, fixed date or open-ended / month-to-month leases, and charges & fees can be configured to be one-time, monthly, weekly, bi-monthly, every two weeks, daily, quarterly, or yearly. Rent and any other charges can be added, and can be billed independently of each other (on different recurrence patterns) - and completely separately, or within lease start and end date boundaries.
Yes absolutely! We have a considerable percentage of our user base that use RentalVault for commercial properties - some of the fields and screens might not apply, but the software is generic enough to work with any leasing scenario and all of the invoicing and reporting features work the same. Give the demo a try or sign up for an account - if there's anything specific to commercial real estate that you need, let us know and we'll build in functionality to suit.

Online Payments (ACH/CC)

In order to activate the online payments (ACH) modules in the software, you'll need to complete a separate application process, but it is very easy and straightforward to complete and you can do it in less than 10 minutes. Once completed and submitted, approvals are usually processed within 2 business days. Otherwise, the setup process for the ACH services is very minimal and easy to do.
For sure - of course you will need to apply and be approved based on your individual situation, but we don't require a physical inspection of your premises, so home-based businesses are generally fine. You will need, of course, to have documented, written permission to pull funds from your tenants, typically with some sort of signed preauthorized debit form - we can provide templates and assistance for that; just let us know!
You will need a Stripe account, which is easy to set up. From there it's just a couple of clicks to connect RentalVault to your Stripe account. Tenants that you give access to the tenant portal will then see a 'Pay With Credit Card' link; they enter their card information, and you receive the payment directly into your Stripe account. Stripe payouts to your bank account are then done on a rolling basis, based on a frequency you set in your Stripe account.


Some organizations would prefer to utilize the server infrastructure they already pay for and have control over, and we understand this. Talk to us to find out more about specific server requirements to run RentalVault on premises, including pricing and licensing options.
Yes, if you want RentalVault to run as [yourcompany], or even [yourcompany].com, for example, let us know! We charge a one-time setup fee for this service.
We have a consulting division dedicated to custom software development requests - we can build custom modules that provide specialized functionality, custom reporting, or any other integrations (eg with other software or systems you use); these snap into the main RentalVault system and are built just for you. Let us know what you need - we're happy to help you get even more out of your RentalVault subscription.