Feature Tour    Tenants

Easily store and maintain every piece of data about your current and former tenants, as well as prospective tenants and applicants.

Lots of tenant data storage

RentalVault will enable you to manage every piece of tenant information you need, including contact info, identification (DOB, DL#, SSN, etc), and much more.

Easily assign tenants to a lease

Our easy to master user interface makes it simple to add tenants to properties, set up leases, fees & charges, and manage due dates and expiries.

Upload tenant files

Upload any number of tenant-specific files, including drivers license & identification scans/photocopies, signed applications, and more.

Notes & comments

Keep reminders and notes handy - RentalVault lets you add time and user stamped comments to tenant records for easy tracking.

Need to store more data? No problem

RentalVault stores residence histories, employment records, information about other occupants, vehicles, and pets.