Feature Tour    Tenant Screening

Screen tenants easily & directly from RentalVault - pull credit reports, eviction searches, & perform criminal background checks.

RentPrep  Basic Package - $18.95

RentPrep offers a unique blend of technology with FCRA Screener intelligence to produce the most accurate background and credit check solutions available to landlords, property management, and real estate professionals. RentPrep provides background checks and verifications and offers various reports to match your screening criteria. Live screeners are available during regular business hours to answer questions and provide support. Basic package includes:

  • FCRA Customer Support
  • Person Search - SSN Verification/Address History
  • Nationwide Evictions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Judgement & Liens
  • No tenant involvement required for these features.

RentPrep  Pro Package - $22.95

Advanced background reporting - includes everything in the Basic package PLUS:

  • National US Criminal Background Search
  • US Sex Offender Search
  • Global Homeland Search
  • No tenant involvement required for these features.

RentPrep  Platinum Package - $34.95

Comprehensive tenant screening - includes everything in the Basic & Pro packages PLUS:

  • Verify Current Residence
  • Verify Previous Residence
  • Requires current & previous landlord's address & phone number.
  • Verify Employment
  • Requires current employer's company name, supervisor name, phone number.

SmartMove  Credit Report - $38

SmartMove a TransUnion product, powered by RentPrep, is an automated service with tenant involvement that provides a full credit report with ResidentScore, including a nationwide criminal and eviction search. SmartMove reports allow you to have the applicant pay directly for the screening report and is a soft pull on their credit. Includes:

  • Full Credit Report
  • Resident Score
  • SSN Verification/Address History
  • Nationwide Criminal & Sex Offender Search
  • Natonwide Evictions
  • Bankruptcies
  • Applicant Pay Option
  • This package requires the applicant to respond to an email to release the report.