Feature Tour    Rent Roll

Run rent roll and get a real-time, accurate snapshot of who's late, how late, and how much is outstanding.

Rent roll in real time

Keep every receivable at your finger tips - run rent roll for the present, future, or past. RentalVault will show you every payment due, how many days late it is, and will auto-calculate late fees for you.

Generate invoices

Produce invoices for any or all rent roll items, just select and click. Invoices are automatically based on your selections and settings.

Print rent roll reports

Printing your rent roll is a snap - for all receivables, or a specific subset - just tell RentalVault which items you want on the report.

Override & prorate

Need to override an amount, or prorate an item? No problem - it's easy to make on-the-fly changes to amounts due and collect accordingly. You can also override and forgive or write off late payments with ease as well.

Change log & auditing

RentalVault will keep track of your overrides and write offs, so you have a complete record of your receivable adjustments. Changes are logged by date, and the user who made the change.

Filtering & grouping

Show all due or late, due this month, last month, next month, past 60/90 days, etc. Also show or hide fully paid items, and show or hide closed leases. Rent roll can be run for the current owner, or for all owners and grouped by owner.

Collect payments

Collect payments for a specific lease/property right from the rent roll - shortcut buttons make it easy.