Feature Tour    Payments

Collect & post payments, either one at time or in bulk. RentalVault supports combining payments on one check or split payments.

Collect single payments or in bulk

RentalVault lets you collect multiple items by using one payment or multiple payments. This allows you to quickly enter multiple checks received, or apply a single checks across multiple receivables.

Intelligent split options

RentalVault will let you split money across line items by either: prioritizing the amount due (where the highest dollar items get paid first), or by days late (where the latest items get paid first), or by even splits (where each item get money applied evenly).

Payment history

RentalVault maintains a complete history of payments received that can be searched, sorted, and filtered. Payment history can be exported to PDF and printed, or emailed.

Generate & print receipts

Payments can be quickly grouped onto a receipt, either at the time of payment, or retroactively. Receipts can be easily emailed to tenants.

Supports multi-tenant scenarios

RentalVault supports multiple tenants on a lease, and the payments modules support receiving a portion of the rent from one tenant, and a portion from the other, for example.