Feature Tour    Multiple Owners

RentalVault supports multiple owner records - each with their own property portfolio, which is perfect for property managers that manage properties for third parties. View any screen, report or dashboard for a single owner, or for all owners.

Support for multiple owners built in

If you manage property portfolios for multiple third party owners (i.e. you operate as a property management firm), you will probably need to organize the properties, people, and leases in your account into different ownership groups. RentalVault makes this easy with the ability to add owner records, and to switch between them to view owner-specific data.

Owner-specific data switching

At any given time, your RentalVault account is filtered to show properties/tenants/leases and all associated data for a specific owner, or "all owners". This of course can be changed at the top any screen or page. The exception to this is the Dashboard tabs, which allow owner filtering at the page or panel level for even more flexibility.