Feature Tour    Online Tenant Payments

Easily receive electronic payments (e-checks) from your tenants via ACH (bank to bank) payment transfers,
and with credit card payments through Stripe.

Receive e-check payments

RentalVault will let you receive tenant payments from their bank account directly to yours - no more paper-chasing, no waiting in line at the bank. Payments take 2-3 business days to clear, and tenants receive a full receipt at the time of payment.

FirstACH and Authorize.net Integration

We've integrated with two leading ACH payment gateways - get a merchant account and start receiving payments with RentalVault, easy as 123.

Drop us a line to ask about ACH rates, or inquire about support for a specific payment processor that you already use.

Separate bank accounts for each owner

You can easily add credentials for multiple banks - for example, one for each owner (separate approval process for each owner). You can link each owners' properties to the corresponding credential/bank account to ensure every tenant payment gets routed properly.

Tenants manage their own bank accounts

You don't even need to ask for your tenants' bank accounts details, or need a void check from them. They can securely add their own bank information to the Tenant Portal themselves.

Credit cards also supported with Stripe

RentalVault will also integrate seamlessly with your Stripe account (free and easy to set up), allowing your tenants to pay you from the RentalVault tenant portal using their credit card. All payments land in your Stripe account and are transferred direct to your bank account on a rolling frequency that you set.