Feature Tour    Leases & Fees

RentalVault supports just about any leasing scenario - create recurring charges, set up late fee configurations, and much more.

Manage active, expired & closed leases

Separate tabs for different lease statuses keep everything organized. Track expiry dates, lease terms, and outstanding balance.

Assign tenants to leases

Add any number of tenants to a lease, even assign the same tenant to multiple leases.

Fixed date leases or month-to-month

RentalVault supports any leasing scenario and flexible auto-renewal functionality.

Unlimited array of fees & charges

Add any fees on any recurrence pattern - monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, daily, and others. RentalVault supports recurring and one-time fees, deposits, utility bills, late fees, rent, prorated rent, prior balance, Section 8 / HUD, housing authority, and much more.

Late fee auto-calculation

Set up your late fees how you want them - flat fee, percent of rent per day, fixed amount per day, base rate + daily charge, grace period, etc. All late fees are automatically compiled and totalled and are accurate in real-time. Collect late fee amounts separately if you wish; override or 'forgive' late fees as required.

Easy lease closure & renewal

One-button lease closure and archival plus an easy to use renewal feature that will migrate to new start-end dates and copy over existing fees and charge setups.

Payment schedule

Shows a comprehensive list of every payment due now and in the future for a lease.

Lease files

Upload files specific to a lease - application paperwork, signed lease agreements, fee addendums, etc.