Feature Tour    Invoices & Receipts

Send invoices and receipts to every tenant in your portfolio with just a couple of clicks. Customized reports in less than a minute.

Invoice tenants in two clicks

RentalVault makes it super easy to generate your monthly invoice - you can generate fully compiled invoices for every tenant in literally two clicks.

Automatic invoice scheduling

Completely put your invoicing efforts on auto-pilot with monthly or weekly invoice batch runs - just set it and forget it - your tenants will receive personalized, emailed invoices - with no extra manual effort from you at all.

Generate receipts for payments

Print a receipt at the time of payment, or retroactively after the fact - you can always produce a receipt for any payment at any time. Invoices & receipts can be exported to PDF, printed, or emailed to tenants or any other recipient.

Personalized email

Send each tenant their own invoices & receipts and use email templates to customize the message.

Flexible options

Group any combination of receivables onto a single invoice, and split invoices for each tenant, for each tenant & payment type, for each amount due, or all items on a single a invoice. Adjust the invoice date as required, customize your invoice numbers and special prefixes, and add invoice comments.