Feature Tour    Dashboard

Powerful charts and graphs show trends in your data and recent and relevant records right at your fingertips.

Graphs & charts

Get an instant, visual picture of important trends and changes across properties including: number of days to lease (by property), tenant turnover rates, and outstanding balances by property.

Key metrics

Get an overview of the health of your business with dashboard tickers that instantly show you key metrics such as property & tenant counts, open leases, vacancies, average occupancy rate, receivable/received/outstanding, delinquency rates, and average number of days between due dates and paid dates. All in real-time, and all with just a couple of clicks.

Recent & important records

The dashboard will show recently added records or records and details that need your attention. Examples include New Leases list (showing the newest lease records within the last 30/60 days), expiring leases (within the next 30/60 days, or now), recent messages, recently uploaded files, top ten most delinquent tenants, and recent payments.