Simple property management software for landlords and owners.

Manage tenants & properties, track rent due, print invoices and rent roll, collect payments and store your data in one comprehensive, easy to use, web based property management software package. Say goodbye to Excel and put your property management business on cruise control!

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Rental property software optimized for small to mid-sized portfolios

If you're an upstart landlord managing your own properties, or you're a mid-sized property management firm that manages property for multiple owners, you'll LOVE our streamlined user interface, easy to read reports, and innovative features specifically designed for businesses like yours - Simple rent roll & invoices, simple accounting - just a few clicks every month and you're done!


Everything At A Glance

Drop the out-of-date spreadsheets, scattered email attachments, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky accounting software. RentalVault shows you a real-time picture of your leases, receivables and payment history.


Cut Invoicing Time In Half

Our 123-click invoicing features let you generate invoices for your entire portfolio and send customized, personalized invoice emails to each tenant in seconds. You can even schedule invoice generation for any day of the month and automatically send.


No More Paper Checks

Eliminate the hassle of chasing paper checks - activate online electronic payments and receive tenant payments directly into your bank account. Apply funds to receivables, and you're done - no trips to the bank, no waiting in line.


Property, Tenant & Lease Management

Track applicants & tenants, manage active & expired leases, renewals, closures and paperwork, as well as work orders and a wide variety of other info.


Rent Roll & Invoicing

Run rent roll to get an exact overview of who and what is late, how late it is, and exactly what's owed, including late fees. Email your invoices and get paid.


Collect Payments

Collect single or time-saving bulk payments - record multiple items on a single check, or split payments across multiple checks. Email receipts, print history.


Easy To Use

Everyone says it, and everyone says they mean it. WE MEAN IT. Simple to use - it's in our name! Seriously, we've reduced all the clutter and you get everything you need and no filler. If you need help, we'll help you - simple.


Actively Developed

Good software is always evolving - in response to user feedback, we've added over 200 enhancements and features to RentalVault. Let us know what you need - we make complimentary updates to the system every three weeks.


Superior Support

We're a small, well backed, homegrown team & we believe in fast, personal customer service. We're friendly & easy to contact - just like you. Drop us a line with questions, concerns, requests - we're happy to help!

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